Launch of the first stone at Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort & Residences

Last Monday 30th May, the Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort & Residences started the first stage of its construction with a symbolic ceremony to lay the first stone. Presents where Bernardo Trindade, Secretary of State for Tourism, Carlos Beato, Mayor of Grândola and Dionísio Pestana, President of Pestana Group.

“This day marks a new phase in this project which began with a dream about 10 years ago. Today, after many obstacles and some challenges, we launch the first stone of this unique potential reality of what is called Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort”,said Dionísio Pestana.

Including all phases of the project:  the plot, infrastructure, the 2 touristic resorts and the Aparthotel the project represents a total investment of more than 90 M€. The Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort is starting the first phase of construction of this unique and ambitious project having as main differential feature the sustainability which includes real estate, hotels, shopping and leisure areas.

With a prime location, the Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort & Residences is a unique project in the coast of Tróia, in the heart of a Nature Reserve. Sustainability is reflected in all options, such as low density construction, low landscaping impact and architectural use of environmentally balanced solutions. Pestana Tróia Eco-Resort & Residences, given the objective of reducing the ecological footprint is now proceeding with the certification system by BREEAM - BRE Environmental Assessment Method - one of the most demanding and recognized international methods of certification.

Source: Grupo Pestana

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